Florence Lin had little cooking experience before immigrating to the U.S. from China in 1947, but just 20 years later, she became an authority and teacher of the cuisine, with pupils including Julia Child. With an increased interest in Chinese food in New York City, Lin established herself as a trusted instructor. The passion for cooking was sparked by a desire to recreate the dishes she had to leave at home after the Japanese invaded China and her home turned to turmoil. 

Chinese One-Dish Meals is considered by some to be the most innovative Chinese cookbook to date. With an intention to save the reader time, money and minimize cooking anxiety. Lin died in early January, 2020 at age 97, but a passion for cuisine and teaching comes across clearly in her books. 

In 1997, Bonnie Slotnick opened a bookstore in a basement office on Washington Place and Barrow Street. Bonnie Slotnick specializes in out-of-print, high quality used cookbooks. With an inventory of nearly 5,000 books, Bonnie was generous enough to let us peek into her personal collection to curate our selection for this project. Today, you can find Bonnie and her collection of cookbooks at 28 E. 2nd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave in New York’s East Village.