As a result of COVID-19, restaurants around the globe are struggling in unimaginable ways.  They have had to lay-off staff in record numbers, adjust their entire workflow, close their doors for business, and most are worried about whether or not they will make it to the other end of this madness. 

There are countless ways we can support our favorite spots while we wait for them to reopen and share their food with us once again. You can sign petitions advocating for industry and workers rights, you can donate to restaurant crowd-sourcing efforts, you can order take-out from your neighborhood restaurants and pick-up from your local wine store.

Another great way to support small restaurants is to purchase their merchandise, cookbooks, and gift cards, which can be used when they return to full service. We’ve made that one easy for you with a curated selection of goodies from our favorite spots. A little goes a long way in these times. All purchasing is done directly through the restaurant, which means they make 100% of the profits. (Yes, this also means you’ll have to enter your credit card for each individual site. It’s only a slight inconvenience for a good cause, and hey, while you’re at it, throw another item into that cart!) 

Thanks for your support of this humble industry, and the people who have devoted their lives to feeding, sustaining and nourishing you!

Care of Chan is a food culture agency founded in 2016 by Sue S. Chan, located in lower Manhattan. We are the medium between creative ideas in hospitality and the rest of the world. Our collaborators respect tradition, think innovatively, act purposefully, and value conviviality. 

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