First published in 1978, this book helped introduce English speakers to a great variety of Chinese cuisines. Published by the Hong Kong & China Gas Company, the book features various contributors, and the text is complemented by vibrant full-page photographs of food and place. 

The book is in pristine condition, with no visible damage to the exterior or interior text, with dust cover included. This book was selected from the collection of legendary vintage cookbook dealer Bonnie Slotnick. 

In 1997, Bonnie Slotnick opened a bookstore in a basement office on Washington Place and Barrow Street. Bonnie Slotnick specializes in out-of-print, high quality used cookbooks. With an inventory of nearly 5,000 books, Bonnie was generous enough to let us peek into her personal collection to curate our selection for this project. Today, you can find Bonnie and her collection of cookbooks at 28 E. 2nd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave in New York’s East Village.